About us

Business payments without borders.
Cryptopowered by Mercuryo

Mercuryo is a global payments ecosystem, building and harmonising crypto and fiat solutions, which enable businesses across the globe to unlock and harness the power of crypto payments


Our business

was born out of a firm belief that cryptocurrency was never designed to be solely a tradable asset, but a fundamental tool that is revolutionising the financial services landscape, overhauling legacy systems and institutions.

It’s why we’re on a mission to use cryptocurrency to turn every business into a global one by making all kinds of business payments, no matter what their nature is, easy and accessible, like never before.

Our market

leading on- and off-ramp products are already reinventing the ease
of making payments for over 250+ businesses around the world.
And we’re not stopping there!

We’ve grown from a team of just five people to now hundreds of awe-inspiring professionals from all over the world

In the same way we believe all payments should be borderless, Mercurians are global too.

From London, to New York, to Bangkok, we’re a diverse team extremely proud of the journey we’re on

Meet our
Executive team

GregstarCo-Founder and COO
LindsaystarChef Financial Officer
AviessastarExecutive Director Sales

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our mission

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