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Mercuryo is a global company that creates next-generation financial services. We bring together fiat and cryptocurrencies for businesses and millions of users to make transfers and payments easier and faster. It's just like magic, and Mercuryo knows how every detail works. Join the team.

There are at least 4 reasons to do so:

  • Team members from dozens of countries around the world
  • Over 250 toptier B2B partners: MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Ledger, Jupiter and other
  • Team leaders whose work inspires to learn and create
  • Work mode or location at your discretion
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Our profile

We can turn magical into accessible by focusing on the specific area – cryptocurrency use in everyday payments. Over the years of work, we have uncovered all the industry's in and outs and gained unrivalled knowledge and experience.


Grow with us. Here's what we have:


Finance of the future

We open access to the global independent financial system

Team of experts

We've put together a team of talented developers and managers

Rapid growth

Within three years, two million users have come on Mercuryo board


Work benefits


Work on the finance 2.0

We're building crypto infrastructure and simplifying payments for global business

Work from anywhere in the world

Our teammates reside in dozens of countries


Cases worthy of your portfolio

We build for MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Ledger, Jupiter, and other market leaders

Work without chiefs

Zero bureaucracy and hierarchy: launch projects alongside those who can coach you on ground work


Creating innovation

We believe that global transfers, mass payments, and acquiring should and will be made with crypto soon

The code that becomes magic

Our systems work according to rules understood by a selected few

Company in numbers

$150 Millions

the value of the company is estimated at 150 million euro

2 Millions

over 2 million people are already using Mercuryo services

3 times

our team has grown 3 times over the past year


ideas of our team were implemented in Mercuryo services

Our kind of person


Knows the processes behind the fintech magic

Curious and eager to learn

Thinks about blockchain when hears the word oracle

Confident and attentive


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