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Mercuryo Banking-as-a-Service customer-centric financial infrastructure provides the modular components including bank transfers, IBAN accounts, and fast access to payment funds. Crypto based businesses get advanced fiat support all within the client`s platform.

Crypto-as-a-Service is a full-featured, scalable financial product allowing any business to manage crypto without handling compliance, monitoring, and obtaining licenses. Get full-fledged crypto functionality for traditional businesses through a fast and secure API solution.


Let users buy crypto via credit cards and bank transfers. We’ll handle card data and PCI Compliance.



Users can sell crypto like BTC, ETH, USDT and receive fiat on their credit cards or bank accounts issued by Mercuryo.


IBAN accounts allow digital asset holders to store fiat money and process their daily crypto transactions using a single crypto app. The four main scenarios for integrating IBANs are listed below.

Buy crypto to trade or store it in one of your wallets as an investment

Use crypto to pay for goods or services online through SEPA

Receive royalties or wages to a bank account and instantly convert them into crypto

Fix investment crypto savings in fiat currency

Perfect fit for

For DeFi projects, custodial wallets, neobanks, and other businesses

User-Friendly Registration

We use seamless login to get necessary users’ info from a customer. Typically, registration requires signing Terms of Service, providing phone or email, and passing KYC. Depending on what data you have, you can transfer it via API once, and we will request the missing info from the user.


Trusted by the Best

Over 200 businesses use and help power Mercuryo gateway solutions.


Quick bank account setup for your business’s fiat operations

On- and off-ramps

A global gateway integrated into a customer`s app or website that allows end-users to buy and sell crypto.

This company is a game-changer in the field, and we are delighted to have been their supporters since the early days.

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